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POM Financing

Many of our homes are available with seller financing. In many cases we have homes available for rent with an option to buy.


Because we are an independent company, we can customize financing plans  to meet your needs and ability to pay. Payments, down payments and length of your mortgage can be structured to facilitate a win-win transaction.


Some of the benefits of Peace of Mind (POM) Financing are:


  1. Lower closing costs.  No points and expensive additional fees that can cost you a small fortune.  In many cases closing costs using POM financing are 50% less than with institutional financing.

  2. Quick decision making. Once we receive your information/ application we can make a decision quickly.

  3. POM’s “Guaranteed Buy Back Plan”. If you ever decide to sell your home, POM has several flexible buy back plans to fit your needs. You won't have to deal with the typical frustrations that come with selling a home. No hassles, no worries.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have at  or 888-254-1017

Peace of Mind Offers Seller Financing on Our Homes to Qualified Buyers

We have many options to choose from, including:

Amortizing Mortgage

Interest Only Mortgage

Equity Participation Programs

Guaranteed Buy Back Plans

Let us know your needs.

There is a Peace of Mind solution.

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